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A $38,000 PURSE?

11 Aug

Queen Oprah

Johann Wagener 8-10-13


Why would anyone in their right mind want to pay $38,000 for a purse? It seems that the richer people get, the crazier they behave. 


How does their mind work? Let’s see, I’ve got $38,000 here. What should I do with it? Help some kids who don’t have enough to eat? Donate it to a cancer research fund? Help some old folks pay for their medical expenses? Hey! I got a better idea!  I’m going to buy a purse! 


Oprah handbag worth $38 000



10 Aug


Johann Wagener 8-10-13


An article in the LA Times quotes the founder of a sex addiction clinic where Filner is alleged to have been treated, as “helping people regain their integrity”.


If that’s true, then they have failed miserably in helping Filner. For one to have integrity, requires one to also have humility, empathy, respect, and dignity; none of which Filner expresses if he continues to hold on to power.


The sexual assaults are just one of the many ways a “power junkie” feeds a “supersized” bloated Ego. The addiction isn’t in sex, but power and, in his case, an adolescent way of wielding it. If he truly wants to heal he first needs to “surrender”  (as they teach in the Recovery movement) and humbly ask for help rather than control his disease and play at getting better. Then, and only then, can recovery begin.


Going away for a few weeks to a place he chose is nothing more than another arrogant act of defiance and contradicts it’s intent. One would have to be an idiot (or a practicing addict themselves) to buy into this guys manipulations. He’s been at it for years and no one has a “2 week” cure for what he suffers from. 


Hanging on to his power based position as mayor of San Diego is like an alcoholic hanging on to a bottle of his favorite booze, or a coke-head hanging his spoon around their neck in a gesture of defiance against the laws of recovery.


Sorry mayor, it doesn’t work that way. 



Mayor Filner to complete ‘voluntary’ therapy earlier than anticipated