20 Jul

Johann Wagener 7-20-13



In which humans will devote countless hours, spending billions, just to sit in stadiums or their living room couches watching a bunch of overgrown (and overpaid) clowns running around (or up and down) fields chasing balls. What is even more absurd is the amount of time wasted to participate in this mindless exercise. For example, we spend 3 hours or more to get about 17 minutes of actual game time in baseball. Football comes in at 14 minutes of play per 3 hours of wasted time.  Go figure? Say what? 


Even monkeys manage their time more efficiently than that. Can you imagine what a different planet this would be if people utilized all that time and money doing something somewhat more productive? Parks would fill up with families on picnics. Libraries would have standing room only. Town hall meetings would actually be more than just a gathering of the extreme fringe of our society. Those billions spent on playing games could actually amount something worthwhile like rebuilding our cities and neighborhoods, educating our kids, helping our sick and homeless, saving the environment, or even just doing nothing which is a far cry more productive that playing with balls. 


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