10 Jun

Johann Wagener 6-9-13


The last known cure of a disease was over 50 years ago (polio). How is it that with all the advancements we have made in science and technology in this last half-century we have been unable to find a cure for any of a long string of diseases that plague us? Take cancer, for example. We continue to run charity drives that boldly claim, one day we will find a cure for cancer. Really?  

Sure, there’s always another new drug  hitting the market, or another form of treatment, or a new test to better diagnose the disease. We brag about prolonging life and easing the pain, but we always inevitably fall short of the cure.  Why no cure? Is it because it’s so complicated all our technology and the great minds that use it just don’t have the know how or means? That’s doubtful considering all that’s been accomplished in so many other areas of the scientific community.  

As cynical as it sounds the one thing that the cure for polio failed to do was make a “profit.” In fact there was a lot of money lost. The iron lung manufactures shut down. Many hospital beds went empty. All those employed in long term care lost their jobs. Terms like “prevention” or “cure” are taboo in the healthcare community because of one thing; money which flows like a river when the focus is on “intervention” and “treatment” which is the lifeblood of our system. The money is made by keeping people sick and providing just enough treatment to keep them alive and staying dependent on the system. The cure of cancer would devastate the healthcare community and all those who invest in it. And, as long as there’s money to made from treating diseases they will remain incurable. When it comes to treatment vs cure the winner will always be the former.

 Curing disease just like waging peace is just an ideal to throw words at because it lacks the one thing we cherish more; money. 


50 Signs That The U.S. Health Care System Is A Gigantic Money Making Scam


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