6 May

Johann Wagener 5-5-13



What is child endangerment?

Child endangerment is the act of causing any harm to the child’s well being mentally and/or physically. Examples of child endangerment include the use of drugs where a child lives, handguns not locked-up and left within the reach of children, being exposed to unsafe environments can all be considered child endangerment. 

Adults that give children under 18 liquor or cigarettes are guilty of a criminal act of abuse. 

Children under 15 can not drive an automobile

Children under 18 are not allowed to see R-rated movies and children under 13 can not see PG-13 rated movies.

Pornography showing children under 18 is illegal. 

And yet manufacturing, marketing, and selling guns and ammunition that are made for children as young as 4 years old is legal and parents or other adults are legally allowed to give these weapons to children. 

A single bullet to the chest killed the 2-year-old Kentucky girl shot by her 5-year-old brother clutching a “My First Rifle” — a tragic accident that could lead to charges.

Kristian Sparks shot his sister, Caroline, with a .22-caliber rifle around 1 p.m. Tuesday inside the family’s mobile home in rural Burkesville, Cumberland County. Their mother, Stephanie Sparks, was outside on the porch pouring grease out of a frying pan when she heard the gun go off, Kentucky State Police said.

Cumberland County resident Jeff Booher, 53, said learning how to use a gun is a rite of passage for many children who live in this area of southern Kentucky near the Tennessee border.

Cumberland County Coroner Gary White said the family had not realized a shell was left inside the gun, which was kept in a corner of the house.

The pair’s mom was at home when the shot was fired, he added.

Revealing the shooting would be ruled accidental, White added: “It’s just one of those crazy accidents.”

Read more: Kentucky girl, 2, fatally shot in chest by 5-year-old brother: police

Video; Crickett rifles from the “My First Rifle” collection for kids on the website of Keystone Sporting Arms

Video; It’s just one of those crazy accidents.”





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