20 Apr

Johann Wagener 4-19-13


Now that there’s talk about “cutting” the defense budget neo-cons are frantically looking for ways to stir fear and paranoia on the streets of America. What is an American nightmare is a dream come true for neo-cons. 


Rogue countries like N. Korea are transformed into threatening supper powers over night. The Boston bombing will stoke these fires especially since the perpetrators are Chechen Muslims. The talking point will be, “we need to get them over there before they come over here.”   It would not be surprising to hear call for invading Chechnya. An all out Iraq/Afghan style war.  Had the bombers been “home grown” the talking points would be “just a lone, disgruntled, disturbed individual.”  Tragedies like Newton will quickly fade and gun enthusiasts will declare, “we told you so.”


Another buying frenzy will begin; guns, ammo, security services, and last,  but not least, defense spending. Understanding how this game is played requires following the money trail and looking at who profits the most from terror and war. 


The following reports and articles help;


How to turn a world lacking in enemies into the most threatening place in the universe.


The Enemy-Industrial Complex


If neo-cons can’t find a real enemy then they pay someone to create imaginary ones


Pentagon planners have plenty to deal with these days – Iran in search of nuclear-weapons technology, suicide bombings in Afghanistan, and the final pullout of US troops in Iraq potentially leaving behind a security vacuum in the Middle East. But in war games in Washington this week,US Army officials and their advisers debated three nightmare scenarios in particular. Here are the doomsday visions that Pentagon planners have been poring over:


Doomsday war games: Pentagon’s 3 nightmare scenarios

For those who live on the fringes the Pentagon even spends taxpayer money on fighting “Zombies.” This is not a skit on SNL folks. This is the real thing.
Zombies will invade Paradise Point Resort, which covers 44 acres on an island that will be transformed with Hollywood-style sets, including a Middle Eastern village and a pirate cove. Some 1,000 US military personnel, police, and state and federal government officials will be charged with responding.

“No doubt when a zombie apocalypse occurs, it’s going to be a federal incident, so we’re making it happen,” Mr. Barker told the AP.


US military forces train for zombie apocalypse

When it comes to healthcare, social programs, poverty, the homeless there is no money available. In fact we need to cut these programs to balance the budget and not affect programs like this; 

California-based security firm HALO Corp. will be training people on how to fight Zombies during its Oct. 29 to Nov. 2 Counter-Terrorism Summit. Yep, Zombies! The summit is expected to draw 1,000 military personnel, law enforcement officials, medical experts and government workers to Paradise Point resort island in San Diego’s Mission Bay. Here’s what the company, founded by former special operations, national security and intelligence personnel, says about its annual summit this year: will include a realistic tactical training environment using “Hollywood magic” in live action demonstrations, realistic tactical training scenarios and classroom education.

The company says that a crisis could happen from an outbreak of viruses that destroy brain cells making people violently catatonic, like zombies. Whatever gets folks to the summit, right?


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