8 Apr

THE BIG TOP – a canvas tent to house the audience at a circus performance



Johann Wagener 4-4-13


This cabal of profit driven industries are a greater threat to this country than any foreign enemy we’ve ever faced.


These are right here in the USA and operating under the auspices of the NRA; a gargantuan lobbying machine for the gun industry skillfully uses the 2nd Amendment to stoke paranoia in our population which feeds these 3 industries and creates huge profits. 


#1 The Gun & Ammo Industry

#2 The Private Security Industry

#3 The Private  Prison Industry


What these 3 industries have in common is “making a profit.” And the NRA’s role is to be their “pitch” person.


It works likes this; The NRA blows the “2nd Amendment bugle” and huff and puff about how big bad Uncle Sam is going to take our guns or the criminals are going to invade your neighborhood and slaughter you and your family creating this  “stand your ground” mentality that results in tragedies like the killing of a teen for playing his music too loud at a gas station.


The NRA’s solution, if you are dumb enough to buy into it, is to “buy more guns.”

#1 The gun and ammo industry has been breaking sales records since the last “fear campaign” started after Newtown.


 The NRA then follows up with publishing a report compiled by a group of “security industry” experts that they hired and paid for to tell us that we need “more security”  to protect ourselves from the “bad” people with guns while at the same time opposing any laws that might prevent them from buying guns.  


#2 When the NRA talks about security they are not referring to “public service” law enforcement agencies because that would require raising your taxes. No, this is about the for-profit “private contractor” security industry which thrives on fear and paranoia.


When the bad guys with guns are caught the 3rd player enters the circle;


#3 The for-profit “private” prison industry that  “warehouse” (not rehabilitate) the bad guys who easily got their hands on unregulated  guns and broke through the poorly trained security forces that failed to protect us.


These 3 money-making industries create a “perfect storm.”  More guns = more violence and crime which = more security and prisons which = more profits for all 3 of these industries which are the forces behind the NRA who acts as their spokesperson in stirring the fear and paranoia that drives sales.  


Sounds crazy because it is crazy. If it were funny the joke would be on us.


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