8 Apr

Johann Wagener 4-8-13


That’s less than a CEO makes in an hour. The fund is supported by payroll taxes taken from those who receive, or will receive, Social Security payments now or in the future. CEO’s and the 1% and other wealthy people don’t pay anything to this fund yet they believe that rather than raise their taxes to support this country the folks making $15,000 a year should take a cut in their benefits to cut a deficit created by, and for the benefit, of the rich. 


Social Security did not contribute anything to the deficit. The deficit is a result of trillion dollar wars that benefited the rich, and tax cuts that benefited the rich, not to mention the trillions they stash away and don’t pay any taxes on. 


Crony capitalism for the few is not what Americans signed up for when they elected Obama. A true democratic form of capitalism is one that benefits the many by reinvesting profits back into the economy to create more jobs, higher wages, secure retirement and health benefits, and better living standards for those who actually do the work that creates the wealth. The type of crony capitalism we are practicing today allows a select few to hoard the profits and put very little back into the economy by just enriching themselves.


Cutting the little income that seniors are required to survive on just to appease a handful of self centered greedy tax dodgers is cronyism at its worse and should not be tolerated in a democratic society. And, it definitely should not be endorsed by a true representative of the “people.”





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