19 Mar

HALL OF SHAME: a failure to meet your own standards of behavior



Johann Wagener 3-18-13


No. Not sexual – financial.


Does anyone ever wonder where all that money these “money-mongers” are hoarding is coming from? It’s not the bankers. All they do is shuffle it and take some of it in process. It’s not investors. All they do is shuffle money around and also take some for themselves in the process. Wealth, which generates money, comes from those who actually do something to produce it. The rank and file workers who put in 100% of themselves and receive a pittance in return.


JPMorgan Chief Jamie Dimon Is Sitting Pretty Despite Fallout From ‘London Whale’ Scandal


Despite all the rigmarole about the risky trading by JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE:JPM) that led to a $6.2 billion trading loss last year, what will save Jamie Dimon from any major career repercussion is the fact that if you own stock in JPMorgan, you’ve made money under the chairman and chief executive’s leadership. And above all the din and arguments concerning risky banking practices is the voice of money — if you’re making it, then you’re fine with how it’s being made.  


Poor Jamie D had to take a pay cut and bring home a pay check for $12 million rather than the $23 million he ripped off last year.


I say “ripped off” because it wasn’t Jamie who made the money. It wasn’t JP Morgan who made the money. 


It wasn’t the investors who made the money. Here’s where the money came from:

JPMorgan’s $12 Billion Bailout

JPMorgan Chase Gets $14 Billion Per Year In Government Subsidy


U.S. taxpayers are the victims and, as those who are sexually assaulted, they are in shock and shamed by being told they are losers and takers by rapists like Jamie D.



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