18 Mar

THE ASYLUM: For the care of people, especially those with physical or mental impairments, who require organized supervision or assistance.



Johann Wagener 3-17-13


I wonder if those crazies in the GOP believe this one was also a blessing from God? 


Or maybe there are those NRA fans who would say that if everyone had a gun this would not have happened. Instead we would have at least 2 dead teens and maybe more depending on how drunk the party-goers were. 


I’m hoping that this might help these misguided and confused people understand that enlisting their children into playing violent  “brain scrambling” games which is a “rights of passage” in this  violence crazed culture produces the kind of “social” environment they live in. Anonymous Blows The Whistle


The Steubenville case began to get national attention after the hacking group Anonymous publicized a photograph of two men carrying the girl as well as incriminating video. The group proceeded to plan protests in the town, accusing officials of trying to minimize the incident because of the popularity of its “Big Red” football team.


As the New York Times explained in a lengthy December piece, what made this accusation of sexual assault so different from others in the past is that it took place “in the age of social media, when teenagers are capturing much of their lives on their camera phones—even repugnant, possibly criminal behavior, as they did in Steubenville in August—and then posting it on the Web, like a graphic, public diary.”


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