1 Mar

HALL OF SHAME: a failure to meet your own standards of behavior

Johann Wagener 2-28-13


No, not in the literal sense. That’s taboo in the Catholic Church and is punishable with ex-communication.  So he did the next best thing; quit and disappear. What I would call “spiritual suicide” in this instance. And, just like any other CEO of a multi-million dollar international organization, who have been deemed to be “too big to jail” he is walking away from what looks like another volcano of scandal and corruption that is about to blow the top off the Vatican.

If the Pope is indeed infallible then why is he covering up the fallibility of the Catholic Church? Why such a fierce blow-back at the media for speculating on the goings on in the Vatican? If only they had acted so aggressively in prosecuting the child molesters in their ranks.  VIDEO

Rather than celebrate him, followers should be berating him and asking that he keep the vows he made to his followers and God. Cutting and running at a time when the Church is in one of the worse crises in its history is arrogant, selfish and egotistic; not at all in line with the Churches’ teaching of humility and selflessness.

To add insult to injury the Pope boldly proclaimed that “God was asleep” at the wheel on his watch, a not so veiled implication that the churches’ problems are God’s fault.

The Pope needs to be reminded of the response Jesus gave to his disciples.

The passage he quoted in the Gospel of Mark continues with;”

“The Son of God is awakened by the terrified disciples, calms the winds, and says,

“Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?” 

The bottom line is the “buck stops with the Pope.” As the reincarnated St Peter he has been entrusted with the keys to the Kingdom and with that, accepted responsibility to ensure that the church abides by its doctrines and lives up to the standards of morality it sets for its followers.

There’s a reason why Popes stay in office to the end. Infallible or not the Pope needs to be held accountable for what goes on on his watch.  That demands his not losing “faith” in the Lord.

With the exception of one other Pope all of them have grown “old and frail” and ultimately died in office. That’s part of the job description. In essence they stay on the job until God decides it’s time to promote them to the next world.

Read more on the Pope here;

Wagering on a new pope? You bet!

“Why are ye so fearful? How is it that ye have no faith?”


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