5 Feb


Johann Wagener 2-4-13


That depends on who you ask.



A “true believer” would probably say it was the “hand of (you know who)” who probably doesn’t like football. Remember Katrina? That was His doing too, they say.


Or maybe He was ticked off about the Chrysler commercial who plugged their truck using His name. You know what they say about using “His name in Vain”?


Then there’s the neo-cons. My guess is that would tell you “Osama” was back! Obama really didn’t kill him like they say.


The mayor of New Orleans? “No comment” I’ll bet.


Then there’s those $10 an hour electricians who probably would say it was just a “blown fuse” and might have a little resentment towards those guys in tights who are pulling $100,000.times that much an hour running up and down the field chasing a ball. How fair is that?


So, take your pick folks.  Any of those reasons work for me.  




Read more;

What caused power outage at Super Bowl: Is ‘abnormality’ the whole story? (+video)


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