14 Jan

Blocking attempts to protect men, women, and most importantly, children from being mowed down in a classroom, movie theater, church, mall, or on our streets by making it easy for psychopaths to acquire “assault” weapons and lot’s of ammo to go with them is immoral and should be considered a crime in any civilized society.  Helping people commit crimes is “aiding and abetting” which is a criminal act. 


The 2nd amendment does not give anyone the “right to bear ANY KIND of arms.” The guys that wrote it were referring to one shot muskets that were a pain to reload.  They were not talking about AK-47’s, Bazzokas, and high capacity clips of ammo and are probably rolling over in their graves seeing how so-called “gun enthusiasts” are distorting the 2nd Amendment . 


National Rifle Association President David Keene said he doesn’t think an assault weapons ban would be able to make it through Congress. Same goes for a ban on high-capacity magazines. Keene did make clear that things could change if President Obama wants to spend lots of political capital on the issue, but he made clear he still thinks the NRA has enough support in Congress.


NRA: Congress Won’t Pass Assault Weapons Ban


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