10 Jan

By all means! Let’s arm everyone, take no prisoners, and may the best man be left standing! I don’t believe the 2 Amendment was written to condone what is happening daily on our streets. Unless our Founding Fathers were as wacko as the gun nuts of today! The 2nd Amendment refers to arming a “militia” which in those times would be issued ‘one shot” muskets, that took around 3 minutes to reload. 


Only idiots and psychopaths would compare this with what’s going on today. Today’s carnage has nothing to do with the 2nd Amendment, not even remotely so. No one is advocating prohibition on guns. Just certain types of guns and certain types of ammo. and, if you want to own a gun, then be able to demonstrate that you are capable of using it. Licensing, training, liability insurance just like driving an automobile. No big deal! That’s just common sense in asking people to take “responsibility” for their actions. Why would anyone with an ounce of intelligence not want that?  

Two People Shot at High School in California


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