21 Dec

We can draw sharp some comparisons to what is going on in politics today with those in Maria Antoinette s time. It seems that a small group of aristocrats who see themselves as “entitled” have been successful in conning (or buying) another small group of illiterate flag wavers to take up the cause of protecting the rich at the cost of everyone else with complete disregard of our country welfare or it’s Constitution.


Signs pointing to this are everywhere. Corporations have been transformed in to people. The poor need to do without healthcare, shelter, and food in order to preserve wealth being hoarded by the privileged class.


Mr. Boner (s), also sometimes referred to as “tan man” sees nothing wrong with cutting healthcare, education, and food stamps while at the same asking that we revoke cutting military spending on a gargantuan military complex that defies logic.  Buying new uniforms for the generals chauffeurs supersedes providing food for our undernourished children? Does it make sense to continue wasting money on an arsenal larger than all of the worlds countries combined and capable of destroying the planet 1,000 times over rather than  providing healthcare, education and shelter to our citizens make sense?


Why would anyone elect and trust misguided (or possibly corrupted) person who doesn’t even realize that a tan in the middle of winter is not only silly but a complete waste of his taxpayer funded salary be entrusted to make decisions regarding the welfare of our nation? Why would anyone vote into office people gullible enough to buy into the “trickle down” wealth structure by conning them into believing they are part of the “soon to haves” if they play along? What happened to plain and simple common sense. Do the inmates actually have the keys to the asylum?


The time to put and end to this madness is long overdue! Our forefathers fought a war of Independence to free themselves from this very same plutocratic system only to now find alive and well right here, right now.


President Obama, in reference to the massacre at Newtown, said it is we must change in order to get off this path of complete and total self-destruction. In the few short years we turned power over to the Republicans they were able to successfully throw this country in near bankruptcy while at the same time bankrolling two useless and senseless “trillion dollar” wars by keeping them “off the books.” This was then dumped into President Obama’s lap and the very same people who created the problem are now hell bent on stopping him from solving it.


The mere fact that we still have a country is a miracle given what the President sound minded leaders from both parties have been tasked with.


Now that the Mayan doomsday date has passed we can get back to reality and “change” the course our nation has been on. Let’s support leaders like Obama in their efforts to put this country back on track so that democracy can again be seen as the “American Dream” rather than living our lives in a plutocratic “American Nightmare”.


Johann Wagener 12-21-12

The Bloviator

Hot Air Gazette

Look in the Mirror


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