21 Dec


 No! It’s not what you think. It’s not the impoverished folks on welfare who get food stamps that total $4.00 a day to subsist on that should be ashamed for trying to survive in the richest, most powerful country in the world. 



The true welfare recipients in America are the states; mostly red states, and mostly in the south. Ironically these are the states who’s voters scream and hollar about the “evil BIG BAD federal government and that nasty “T” word (taxes) while they are at the same time sucking on Uncle Sam’s teat; taking more money from the Federal government than they put in to it’s coffers. These are the very same states who’s governors are refusing to implement some of Obamacare’s provisions while at the same time  having no hesitation to allow the Federal Government in to their borders to administer Obamacare to their residents.  That, folks, is nothing more than pure unadulterated welfare. These are the very same states that want to secede from the Union while at the very same time are dependent on it to survive; sort of like biting the teat that feeds you. 


Still the rest of the American population sits passively by allowing themselves to be exploited, intimidated, and down right ripped off out of some distorted sense of loyalty or patriotism. There is nothing more unpatriotic than threatening to secede from the country we claim we love. There is nothing more unpatriotic than to hide and dodge from paying a fair share of taxes to the government we obviously depend on and demand services from. There is nothing more unpatriotic than demanding we be allowed to roam the streets of America with loaded military-style assault weapons slaughtering innocent people by manipulating the  2nd Amendment to justify it.


America seems to not only have lost it’s way, but also it’s mind. Common sense has flown out the window and crazy-making has become the norm. Corporations are “people.” Climate change is a hoax. Our president is a foreign born Muslim. FOX news is fair and balanced. The world ended on the 21st of this month. CHRISTmas is not about Christ. Embryos are card carrying members of the republican party and have all the rights we have with the exception of those human beings we slaughter in our misguided senseless wars and prison execution chambers. We can’t tax the rich because they are “job creators” UH? Being a Christian is all about building “mega” palaces we call churches and singing and preaching the word of God but not practicing what it teaches. Holidays are celebrated; not by commemorating an event or person, but by going on a shopping frenzy and gorging ourselves on food and booze. Our most popular forms of entertainment are loaded with violence and the more the blood letting the more popular it is. It was said that “religion is the opiate of the people” and we can now add violence to that quotation.  


What next? Have Americans no shame? How far down must we as a country go before we say “enough is enough”?  Are Americans willing to do what it takes to change? The New Year is a few weeks away and the “resolutions” will be flying all over the place. The list consists of things like losing weight, being better parents, saving more money, and let’s not forget, “world peace” and the other meaningless accolades we indulge ourselves in.  Instead of trying to make ourselves feel better by mouthing all the politically correct “one liners”  maybe we should actually resolve to change the way we live in and govern our this great country of ours. Let’s actually do something ion the name of freedom, equality and justice, Oh, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL of us which includes the 47% Mitt and his Republican colleagues have written off. 



Johann Wagener 12-21-12

The Bloviator

Hot Air Gazette

Look in the Mirror



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