14 Dec

The “gun lust” in this country is reaching epidemic proportions and all we do is sit back, watch it on TV and talk about how sad and tragic it is to see innocents gunned down in our streets, malls, and schools. 


We continue to buy into the crap the NRA spews about it’s our God given right to “tote” and how dare anyone challenge that. It’s as if we still live in the Wild West when “carrying”  and “standing your ground” was a matter of survival. Rather than evolve we are devolving into a society void of common sense and believe we should be free to act out any way we want, when we want, and how we want. We seem to forget that there are those among us who take this un-tethered freedom to it’s extremes including the annihilation of our friends, families, and countless faceless and nameless others.


How many of these atrocities need to occur before we take a stand, draw a line, and say enough is enough?


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