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31 Dec

Most of our well informed cable TV pundits  rave on about how badly the President did. They opine that it was a disaster! Chris Mathews almost had a heart attack?


What was the President thinking?


What we should be asking is,




Only a very insecure person or a fool would want to waste their time bantering with a BS artist like Mitt, the “etch a sketch” man.  It would have been a draining experience for the president because “turn on a dime’ Romney would bouncing all over the stage, throwing out comments that were made up as he went and amounting to nothing more than a lot of empty rhetoric.


Using the Zen approach was the wisest move for the President by allowing Romney throw the BS out there and letting hit the wall rather than him. This debate was no different than “what’s the sound of one hand clapping” koan.


There was another hint of this approach in the third debate when the President responded with “please proceed” to one of Mitt’s foot in mouth moments.


In the big picture it was Romney who lost the first debate by being so full of himself he “proceeded” to have a debate with himself as Obama (to his credit) let the BS fly by getting out of the way, and, when all is said and done, won the election


Johann Wagener







24 Dec

There is a strong case to be made that anyone wanting to purchase and use a gun be psychologically evaluated before obtaining it rather than after they commit an act of violence.  These types of evaluations are already in use for people in careers in which guns are part of the job description. Law enforcement, military, private security contractors, prison guard, and a number of other professions require both psych evaluations and training before anyone is hired and handed a gun. 


Requiring individuals who want to purchase (or already own) a gun to have a psychological evaluation probability would produce test results that would look like this; 


* The individual would be sexually insecure. With men a lot would have to do with size. The smaller the individual, ( I’ll leave this to your interpretation) the bigger the gun. A clear sign of this personality type would be someone driving a Hummer with gun racks  holding a couple of assault weapons and a nut sack on the trailer hitch. 


* The individual is highly anxious, hyper vigilant, and, in severe cases, paranoid. These individuals never got over the fear of the childhood “boogeyman” their parents scared them with and “perceive” that their is a threat out there they need to protect themselves from. A clear sign of these symptoms would be someone who feels threatened by someone playing loud music in the car parked next to them. 


These symptoms would apply to the average person which most of us would not consider dangerous. Many of them go into careers like law enforcement, the military, or join the CIA where they can safely express these characteristics because, in many situations they would be appropriate responses. Owning a gun is part of the job description which comes with training and education on how, and under what circumstances, it should be used. That is, situations that present a real threat It only becomes a problem if it carries over into someone’s personal lives where they may “perceive” a threat and are unable to discern between reality and imagination. The majority of domestic violence occurs as a result of these dynamics   


The next two categories are a different story;


* First there are the individuals with sociopathic characteristics. They are usually obsessed with power and control and have no sense of guilt or remorse when it comes to manipulating and exploiting others in their self interest. These are the folks that can read others like a book and play them like a fiddle. They tell you what you want to hear and will change their opinions without hesitation to get what they want. The “etch-a-sketch”  analogy fits these individuals perfectly. These individuals thrive in a capitalistic, profit driven society such as our, and are often idealized and held in high regard; even by those they exploit. That’s how slick sociopaths can become with practice.


* Then there’s those individuals who we label “psychopaths” and are often described as “evil” or, in the most severe of cases, the Devil. These individuals are usually sociopaths at the start and, for reasons we still have a difficult time explaining, they transform themselves into monsters that defy rational explanations of the horrific acts they commit. Some say its a result of childhood trauma, or other extreme experiences that  these individuals experienced at some point. These individuals are clearly devoid of feelings as we know them. When these individuals commit violent horrible acts there is no guilt or remorse, and in many cases, the true psychopath experiences euphoria or erotic pleasure.  


The obvious benefit of requiring psychological evaluations for those who want to carry and use a gun is that there is a high probability that those who fit the profile in the last category would be quickly weeded out and possibly be placed on a “big brother” watch list much like the ones we use for terrorists who want to fly. Some would say that this would be a violation of “human rights” , but then, what about the of the victims, who because of societies failure to protect them, lost their “rights.”?   


22 Dec

There are more than 875 million firearms in the world, 75 per cent of them in the hands of civilians.6 Guns outnumber passenger vehicles by 253 million, or 29 per cent.7 Each year about eight million new small arms, plus 10 to 15 billion rounds of ammunition are manufactured — enough bullets to shoot every person in the world not once, but twice.8 9 10 The authorized international trade in small arms and ammunition exceeds US$7.1 billion each year.11





Number of Privately Owned Firearms

The estimated total number of guns held by civilians in the United States is 

Rate of Civilian Firearm Possession per 100 Population

The rate of private gun ownership in the United States is 88.82 firearms per 100 people


Number of Privately Owned Firearms – World Ranking

In a comparison of the number of privately owned guns in 178 countries, the United States ranked at No. 11

Rate of Privately Owned Firearms per 100 Population – World Ranking

In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 179 countries, the United States ranked at No. 12


READ MORE; Global Impact of Gun Violence


22 Dec



This NRA spokes-idiot needs to lay off the booze and stop watching Glenn Beck and FOX.


One thing he is right about is that ther are a lot of “bad guys” with guns. BUT, the reason is that they are able to buy guns as easily as buying a hot dog at a 7/11.


This guy is either nuts, owns a lot of stock in gun companies, or is pimping for the neo-cons and gun lobyists. 




Here are todays numbers;

Number of Privately Owned Firearms

The estimated total number of guns held by civilians in the United States is 270,000,0001

Rate of Civilian Firearm Possession per 100 Population

The rate of private gun ownership in the United States is 88.82 firearms per 100 people

Number of Privately Owned Firearms – World Ranking

In a comparison of the number of privately owned guns in 178 countries, the United States ranked at No. 11

Rate of Privately Owned Firearms per 100 Population – World Ranking

In a comparison of the rate of private gun ownership in 179 countries, the United States ranked at No. 1



Disbelief in some quarters after NRA calls for armed guards at every school, blames movies


21 Dec


 No! It’s not what you think. It’s not the impoverished folks on welfare who get food stamps that total $4.00 a day to subsist on that should be ashamed for trying to survive in the richest, most powerful country in the world. 



The true welfare recipients in America are the states; mostly red states, and mostly in the south. Ironically these are the states who’s voters scream and hollar about the “evil BIG BAD federal government and that nasty “T” word (taxes) while they are at the same time sucking on Uncle Sam’s teat; taking more money from the Federal government than they put in to it’s coffers. These are the very same states who’s governors are refusing to implement some of Obamacare’s provisions while at the same time  having no hesitation to allow the Federal Government in to their borders to administer Obamacare to their residents.  That, folks, is nothing more than pure unadulterated welfare. These are the very same states that want to secede from the Union while at the very same time are dependent on it to survive; sort of like biting the teat that feeds you. 


Still the rest of the American population sits passively by allowing themselves to be exploited, intimidated, and down right ripped off out of some distorted sense of loyalty or patriotism. There is nothing more unpatriotic than threatening to secede from the country we claim we love. There is nothing more unpatriotic than to hide and dodge from paying a fair share of taxes to the government we obviously depend on and demand services from. There is nothing more unpatriotic than demanding we be allowed to roam the streets of America with loaded military-style assault weapons slaughtering innocent people by manipulating the  2nd Amendment to justify it.


America seems to not only have lost it’s way, but also it’s mind. Common sense has flown out the window and crazy-making has become the norm. Corporations are “people.” Climate change is a hoax. Our president is a foreign born Muslim. FOX news is fair and balanced. The world ended on the 21st of this month. CHRISTmas is not about Christ. Embryos are card carrying members of the republican party and have all the rights we have with the exception of those human beings we slaughter in our misguided senseless wars and prison execution chambers. We can’t tax the rich because they are “job creators” UH? Being a Christian is all about building “mega” palaces we call churches and singing and preaching the word of God but not practicing what it teaches. Holidays are celebrated; not by commemorating an event or person, but by going on a shopping frenzy and gorging ourselves on food and booze. Our most popular forms of entertainment are loaded with violence and the more the blood letting the more popular it is. It was said that “religion is the opiate of the people” and we can now add violence to that quotation.  


What next? Have Americans no shame? How far down must we as a country go before we say “enough is enough”?  Are Americans willing to do what it takes to change? The New Year is a few weeks away and the “resolutions” will be flying all over the place. The list consists of things like losing weight, being better parents, saving more money, and let’s not forget, “world peace” and the other meaningless accolades we indulge ourselves in.  Instead of trying to make ourselves feel better by mouthing all the politically correct “one liners”  maybe we should actually resolve to change the way we live in and govern our this great country of ours. Let’s actually do something ion the name of freedom, equality and justice, Oh, and the pursuit of happiness for ALL of us which includes the 47% Mitt and his Republican colleagues have written off. 



Johann Wagener 12-21-12

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21 Dec

We can draw sharp some comparisons to what is going on in politics today with those in Maria Antoinette s time. It seems that a small group of aristocrats who see themselves as “entitled” have been successful in conning (or buying) another small group of illiterate flag wavers to take up the cause of protecting the rich at the cost of everyone else with complete disregard of our country welfare or it’s Constitution.


Signs pointing to this are everywhere. Corporations have been transformed in to people. The poor need to do without healthcare, shelter, and food in order to preserve wealth being hoarded by the privileged class.


Mr. Boner (s), also sometimes referred to as “tan man” sees nothing wrong with cutting healthcare, education, and food stamps while at the same asking that we revoke cutting military spending on a gargantuan military complex that defies logic.  Buying new uniforms for the generals chauffeurs supersedes providing food for our undernourished children? Does it make sense to continue wasting money on an arsenal larger than all of the worlds countries combined and capable of destroying the planet 1,000 times over rather than  providing healthcare, education and shelter to our citizens make sense?


Why would anyone elect and trust misguided (or possibly corrupted) person who doesn’t even realize that a tan in the middle of winter is not only silly but a complete waste of his taxpayer funded salary be entrusted to make decisions regarding the welfare of our nation? Why would anyone vote into office people gullible enough to buy into the “trickle down” wealth structure by conning them into believing they are part of the “soon to haves” if they play along? What happened to plain and simple common sense. Do the inmates actually have the keys to the asylum?


The time to put and end to this madness is long overdue! Our forefathers fought a war of Independence to free themselves from this very same plutocratic system only to now find alive and well right here, right now.


President Obama, in reference to the massacre at Newtown, said it is we must change in order to get off this path of complete and total self-destruction. In the few short years we turned power over to the Republicans they were able to successfully throw this country in near bankruptcy while at the same time bankrolling two useless and senseless “trillion dollar” wars by keeping them “off the books.” This was then dumped into President Obama’s lap and the very same people who created the problem are now hell bent on stopping him from solving it.


The mere fact that we still have a country is a miracle given what the President sound minded leaders from both parties have been tasked with.


Now that the Mayan doomsday date has passed we can get back to reality and “change” the course our nation has been on. Let’s support leaders like Obama in their efforts to put this country back on track so that democracy can again be seen as the “American Dream” rather than living our lives in a plutocratic “American Nightmare”.


Johann Wagener 12-21-12

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20 Dec