2 Nov

Why don’t those marathoners pitch in and help those in need instead of running a silly race through a human disaster area? NYC has plenty of money starting with Bloomberg and all those  Wall Street Tycoons  who take theirs and stash it in the Caymans. Maybe it’s time for the 1% ters to step up and do the honorable thing? After all they are always whining about too much government interference, blah, blah, blah so where’s all those “private sector” clowns when you need them? 



That’s right. With three dozen New Yorkers killed (and scores of others from the Caribbean to New England dead or missing) and the likelihood of the discovery of more bodies still high; with millions of people in New York and the tristate region without power, heat or, in many cases, fresh food; with the city’s subways, buses and roadways in a state of schizoid paralysis; with the estimated bill for the cleanup and recovery from the devastation soaring toward $50 billion over who knows how many years and how many cost overruns, delays and disruptions; and finally, with a city of 8 million people still grappling with the emotional, psychological and financial body blows it’s endured over the past several days, Bloomberg thinks the road race should go on.

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