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27 Nov


You may not have picked up you Pink Slip this last election, but rest assured, you will in the next one. Your time has come. Just like Dinosaurs you’ll soon be extinct. You’re too big and have eaten so much of this country’s wealth that it can no longer sustain your unfettered greed. You have failed miserably in understanding  that America is not a monarchy. There are no kings, queens and knights. No one needs to address you as “your highness’ or “sir”. 

What you have in common with our Founding Fathers is that; you’re white, you’re old, and ironically, you are still to this day slave owners. Except now you hide them off in far away places like Bangladesh where thousands of human beings work unending hours for a $1.00 a day or less. Just enough to keep them alive another day to produce more wealth for you. as of today no one is calling for their emancipation, but sooner, or later, another Lincoln will appear.

President Obama had you pegged bank in 2010 when, at a 4th of July celebration, he said;


“This is the day when we celebrate the very essence of America and the spirit that has defined us as a people and as a nation for more than two centuries,” Obama told guests at a South Lawn barbecue honoring service members and their families.

“We celebrate the principles that are timeless, tenets first declared by men of property and wealth but which gave rise to what Lincoln called a new birth of freedom in America—civil rights and voting rights, workers’ rights and women’s rights, and the rights of every American,” he said. “And on this day that is uniquely American we are reminded that our Declaration, our example, made us a beacon to the world.”

In essence, there are no “privileged” “entitled” individuals who, because they either inherited or played the system, have been able to hoard almost 50% of this country’s wealth; tucking it away in the Caymans, or wasting it on $50,000.00 a plate orgies to listen to a political hack tell them that he doesn’t care about “40% of our population” because he considers them a bunch of “losers.” 

The bible says; “the last shall be first” so please keep that in mind in the days to come. 



27 Nov

Make no mistake about it, killing the Twinkie was premeditated. These vultures bought this company at a bankruptcy fire sale for pennies on the dollar; loaded it up with debt, sucked it’s assets dry by enriching themselves, and then dumped it’s remains back into bankruptcy and throwing thousands of workers on to the unemployment line and imminent poverty, living on $4.00 a day food stamps. The vultures walk away with millions while the workers; those who worked day in and day out for years building the company, are left with nothing more than the carcass of what was once an iconic American company.

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Agenda 21: The Latest Sleight of Hand Trick by Corporate Elite

27 Nov

Agenda 21: The Latest Sleight of Hand Trick by Corporate Elite.

Agenda 21: The Latest Sleight of Hand Trick by Corporate Elite

24 Nov

Agenda 21: The Latest Sleight of Hand Trick by Corporate Elite.


16 Nov

They prefer to call themselves “neocons” which is a nicer term than war monger. I prefer to call them Angels of Death because they are convinced they are doing “Gods” work even thought that is the furthest from the truth..


These are the guys Ike warned us about back in the 1950’s when he talked about the “military industrial complex” comprised of companies who thrive on wars cranking out piles of WMD’s. So much so, that we have an arsenal that could literally destroy our planet 100 times over. Our army, air force and navy are larger that all of the rest of the worlds forces combined. We are also the #1 arms dealer in the world.


Who pays for all this? You the taxpayer. Why, some ask, do we waste some much money on an arsenal which needs to either be stock piled or recycled rather than spending these trillions of dollars on highways, bridges, schools, homeless shelters, hospitals? The answer is simple. There’s a hell of a lot more money to be made in military spending by those who own stock, or work for, the “military industrial complex.” Chances are, if you were to look at the financials of Republican politicians you would find that they are heavily invested in defense related businesses.


Trying to get a coherent answer as to why we need to be armed to the teeth hundred times over is nearly impossible. Why? Because there isn’t one.  Neocons have been successful in convincing us that we are constantly under siege by “someone” out there. In the 50’s – 60’s – 70’s it was the “communist” boogeyman that would one day come knocking on our door if we didn’t stop them “over there”, “every where” , “anywhere”. We bought into that hook, line, and sinker and bomb shelter companies, along with every one else in the defense community made a ton of money. Did the communist come to our shores? Yes they did but not with guns, boats, and planes but rather toys, clothes, electronics and a slew of other junk for us to consume. So much so, that most of what we consume these days is “made in China” that is to this day a communist country.


Do we have enemies to defend against? Of course we do. But, in reality, the last “defensive” war we fought was WWII which ended in 1945. Every conflict we have been in since then was not in self defense, but preemptive in response to some perceived threat, which was usually hyped up so as to scare us into taking action. Why? The military industrial complex makes tons of money. Nothing more.


The neocons are experts in creating threat. Once the “big red menace” was no longer an issue they started looking high and low for a new boogeyman and finally were able to create one and labeled it with a very generic term that could apply to almost anyone; “terrorist’. Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Palestine, and a whole bunch of other countries were labeled “terrorist states” which made them all targets for neocons to stir the fear mongering pot with.

Israel, who is a big partner in the military industrial complex, is the latest example of how this works. Last week they launch a preemptive attack on the West bank to assassinate a Palestinian political figure which they conveniently labeled a “terrorist”. Then, when the Palestinians retaliate, Israel accuses them of starting the conflict. Anyone who hasn’t come down with amnesia know better than that but neocons; both in the US and Israel, will continue with the sound bites until everyone tires of hearing about it and give up. Because, how can you make sense out of nonsense?


What’s next in the neo con agenda? Who’s the next boogeyman that will be pulled out of their backsides? Does it really matter? All that matters is that they are able to scare us into believing we are being threatened.


Why now?  Simple, as of January next year the military budget is set to be slashed which was a trade off by republicans in order to get Obama to agree to cut into social programs and cut taxes. Was it a genuine offer by the Republicans? Of course not! So now, it’s take it back time and they need to create a reason as to why we can’t cut military spending. Does it need to be real? Of course not? Just so they can scare you into believing it’s real.


Here’s hoping Americans have woke up to reality and will not fall under the spell of the Angels of Death. Rather the American people should tell these war mongers; if they want a war, put on a uniform and go fight it. and take all the weapons you need. We have more than enough unless you need to destroy the planet 100 times over.



16 Nov

Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter’s is a shining example of a small, but filthy rich, short sighted, narrow minded,  self centered people that live under the illusion that they “self made” the wealth they have accumulated and desperately hoard. 

There is nothing further from the truth. They believe they exist in a vacuum; devoid of anyone or anything that might have contributed to their success and fortune.  They magically create a reality that completely ignores the people they employ that work their butts off for poverty level wages and actually are the ones who created their wealth. Rather than providing health care to their employees they waste millions on crony politicians or, like one Papa John fat cat, give away millions of pizzas, destroying our health by “super sizing” us into obesity and diabetes. 

They whine and complain about “big” government failing to acknowledge that ‘building that” would not have been possible were it not for the infrastructure and subsidies provided them by the government. 

Mentally these people live in the Stone Age where knuckle dragging and clubbing was a daily routine in order to survive. They  believe that, what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is mine except for what I chose to let  “trickle down” is the way the world should be. The fictional character, Gordon Gekko, who coined the infamous one liner, “greed is good” is their hero. 

In this last election they underestimated 51% of the American people, believing that they were locked in to the myth of the “American Dream”  that turns out is really a “nightmare” which we were rudely awakened from at the end of the Bush debacle. 

Now that the people have spoken they respond by threatening to secede and form their own government; electing to be traitors rather than patriots. In response the American people should simply say, “don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.”

Now a word from Jon Stewart;–it-s-d-economies-of-scale


12 Nov